Something personal [I]

My personal log, Bandung, Stardate 150227032011 solar count

It’s cloudy afternoon,with winds blow roughly out there.
Here i am, typing this log to create another milestone of my life.

It has been more than 9 month since i was accepted in the univ.
And Everything seems goes really far beyond my first thought.


My life is better than i’ve ever predicted before.
Got a nice settlement (Ok, i mean, fairly okay-rented tiny house),
Have a fairly stable and nice environment,
Learning to live (semi) alone in that metropolis,
And what more important than those thing is…
I REACHED MANY of my dreams…

Travel~ Train~ Station~ Place~ Phone~ ‘Someone’~ And many other things that can’t be listed all here..

Here i see that there’s a thing that makes big difference in my life now and back then..
It’s her… The ‘someone’ who changed my entire life in college life.. (Or maybe it’s just destined to be like this?)
I can’t imagine how my life without her..
Seems many thing will just be like hell..
Yeah, i’m a dependant person, i see..
Without a family near me, i naturally seek for someone who i can depend at..
And yeah, i  found her.. Right after i wished to god.. (Yeah, wished~)
I met and got close with someone who is dependable and………….Lovable..
Hell of course i’m not just want to burden someone because of my dependant side..
It’s more than it..

Well, whatever,  i even don’t know what i’m babbling about..
But now what i feels is.. Worry to lose everything…
Shit, i don’t believe i wrote such thing.. But the word that’ve been writed here mustn’t be deleted by any way.


Okay, that’s enough for now.. Seems the storm will coming up soon..
Need to pack up and go back to Depok again..

That’s it for my personal log I

Solar Counts 1527

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